A Clubhouse is a local community center that offers individuals with mental illnesses hope and opportunities to achieve their full potential.  We are a community based program.  .


The mission of the Clubhouse is to offer people with mental illness a safe and healing environment. Each person is given the opportunity to explore their personal and vocational potentials to the fullest. Each person receives support in achieving their goals.



We work to decrease the stigma of mental illness through education. We work to educate communities about the positive impacts of having our members become contributing participants in society. We aim to help them develop skills that will be necessary for reintegration into their communities.


An individual with mental illness can have difficulties completing their education.  We help members complete various levels of their education, from a high school diploma to a college degree.


Employment is a important step in becoming reintegrated into society.  Through job training, transitional employment, supported employment and eventually independent employment. Our members are able to "work through their mental illness."


Clubhouse is a place to meet new people, develop meaningful relationships, build self-confidence and self-esteem. It also helps members to practice interpersonal and communication skills.


Individuals with a mental illness may be referred to Ko'olau Clubhouse by the community mental health centers or their doctor. An application is available for download below.

Newsletter and Events Calendar

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Hawaii Clubhouse Coalition

The coalition consists of 10 psychosocial rehabilitation communities or clubhouses, five of which are on Oahu and the other five on the neighbor islands. Each clubhouse is associated with a DOH Community Mental Health Center and collaborates with a non-profit organization.The clubhouses, which are funded by the Hawaii Department of Health’s Adult Mental Health Division, are safe, cost-effective approaches to help people integrate back into the community after learning or regaining skills to reach their highest potential. For more information download the brochure below.